Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Vote Counting Machines

During the public comment part of the March 2, 2006 Pierce County Charter Review Commission meeting, Professor Richard Anderson-Connolly of the University of Puget Sound testified Pierce County uses Sequoia Voting Systems machines as its primary vote counting machines. In particular, Pierce County uses the Optimal Scan Insight and Optical Scan 400C machines as part of the process.

Professor Anderson-Connelly passed out a copy of the Sequoia Voting Systems brochure about the machines to the members of the Commission. The brochure states

"As the mix of election methods becomes more varied and increasingly complex, such as new provisional laws and instant runoff voting (IRV), jurisdictions need to work with a vendor that understands their challenges and can implement multiple technologies held together by a single piece of software."

The brochure goes on to say the Optical Scan 400C can handle complex counting methods at speeds up to 400 ballots per minute.


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly optical scan ballots can be counted using IRV. The only trouble is, compared with present-day counting, each precinct will have to transmit data from each ballot to the central office (county, state, country)rather than just a precinct tally.


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