Saturday, June 10, 2006

Procedures for Proposals Adopted 3/2/06

1. Commissioner (sponsor) or Chair of Ad-hoc Subcommittee will present a copy of the proposal to the Commission Chair and Clerk of the Commission. The Clerk will assign the proposal a number.

2. The proposal, in written form, shall show all the effected Charter(s) Section(s). Wording being deleted will be indicated by strike through, while added wording will be in bold type.

3. The Clerk will contact the Commission Chair and the person(s) submitting the proposal and discuss which meeting the individual will present the proposal to the Committee of the Whole.

4. The proposal, for those issues on the Commission’s top four issues, will be listed on the agenda of that meeting and notice of the proposal topic will be distributed to news media, Pierce County Officials and citizens receiving meeting notices. At the meeting there will be a first reading of the proposal and a first public hearing will be held for public comment on the proposal.

5. The Committee of the Whole may amend the proposal, set a second public hearing or refer to sub-committee.

6. The Clerk of the Commission will provide a copy to legal counsel for review and proposed changes.

7. The legal counsel will return the proposal to the Clerk with any comments and/or revisions.

8. When a public hearing is set the Clerk shall send copies of the proposal to news media, Pierce County Officials and citizens receiving meeting notices.

9. The Commission will determine in the semi-vote to include or remove the proposal from voter’s consideration.

10. As soon as Commission completes the semi-vote on an issue the Commission will open up any new issue(s) to be presented and a second preference vote will be taken again by the Committee of the Whole and highest will be added to the list of top four issues.

11. Final vote on the proposal will be taken at the last meeting.


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