Thursday, November 16, 2006

Seattle P-I wishes Pierce County good luck

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer does not like the pick-a-party primary, but it does like Pierce County Charter Amendment 3. The paper wishes Pierce County good luck with its experiment in improving democracy for the voters.

The Pierce County Charter Review Commission put Amendment 3 on the ballot in Pierce County. Ron Sims, King County Executive, is in the process of appointing a new King County Charter Review Commission. Let's hope the new commission puts an Amendment 3 style reform on the ballot in King County.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Seven out of nine Charter Amendments are on their way to passage

As of this writing, seven out of the nine amendments put on the ballot by the Pierce County Charter Review Commission are on their way to winning! The only two amendments (Amendments 4 and 5) to go down to defeat were those lowering the number of signatures for referendum and initiative. In terms of passing Charter Amendments, this Charter Review Commission is the most successful of any Commission in the history of the Charter.

Pierce County will now be electing its Sheriff (Amendment 1). Paul Pastor, the current appointed Sheriff, has already said he will be running for Sheriff in 2008. A more formal announcement will occur later.

Pierce County will be using Instant Runoff Voting (Amendment 3) to elect its county level officials (Executive, Assessor-Treasurer, Auditor, Sheriff and County Council members) starting in 2008. Auditor Pat McCarthy has vowed to make the IRV implementation in Pierce County the best implementation in the country. Let's all pitch in and help her make good on her commitment. It is great for Pierce County to take such a leadership position in improving democracy.

Pierce County will not be able to use eminent domain to condemn private property to give it to another private party. Amendment 9 was written to prevent such takings by the county government.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Yes on 3, 4, 5 and 9

Please vote Yes on Charter Amendments 3 (Instant Runoff Voting), 4 (Initiative), 5 (Referendum) and 9 (Eminent Domain). These amendments all strengthen the power of the voters and citizens in general. Thank you for considering the Charter Amendments.