Friday, February 24, 2006

Term Limits by Erne Lewis

We have a two-term limit on most Pierce County political offices, but no limit on the number of offices a politician may hold in sequence. And the result has been that some people have served two terms in one office and then used that office as a stepping stone to the next office.

The problem with the present system is that it insures we are governed by a professional political class, people who may have entered office hoping to serve the community but having held office for several years, they have come to believe the lives of Pierce County citizens require their management.
We need instead people who are willing to serve the community for a short time and then return to live under the laws and regulations they helped to pass.
I propose an eight year total limit on political office in Pierce County to protect our elected officials, and us, from the disease of incumbency, an arrogant hubris that eventually infects all professional politicians, causing them to believe they are better than the people they govern.


At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is my belief that the voter should decided whether or not a person should continue in the office. That is why we have the right to vote. If the voters do not want a person to continue in office then they can replace the person at election time.

It is amazing to me , that people do not understand how long it takes for elected people to understand the system . In addition those who been in office for long term general know what should not be done as well as what must be done.

In addition, they have an historical sense of what works and does not work. Term limits for me are an anathame.

Thanks for the chance to express my self.

Harvey Brooks

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Anita said...

Some people have a committment to public service. Many people are so consumed by the pursuit of economic gain that they give no time for the well being of their community. I hesitate to think what would happen if we had to choose among single-issue candidates who only run because they have an ax to grind on one issue... Harvey Brooks is right about experience being the best teacher...if the voters approve of a candidate continuing in office then let the voters decide!


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